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Pressure Washer Hoses Oxnard and Ventura, CA

Don’s Industrial in Ventura can supply the pressure washer hose for your project or organization. Pressure washer hoses are a specially constructed type of hydraulic hose typically constructed from synthetic rubber with wire braided reinforcement and a synthetic rubber cover, giving them a wide range of operating pressures and temperatures. We’ll work with you to source your exact request from our catalog of over 19,000 individual hoses, hose assemblies, and individual hose components. Contact us to discuss a pressure washer hose for your project or organization, or send us a request.

Pressure washer hoses are a specially constructed type of hydraulic hose that can differ in material, size, pressure capacity and attachments or connectors. It is imperative to choose the right pressure washer hose to save time and money on all your industrial applications. With over sixty years of expertise and a catalog of over 19,000 products rest assured that with Don's Industrial you will be on your way to completing your next big industrial project!

Pressure Washer Hoses release a narrower stream of water at very high pressures, creating high levels of kinetic energy that pulls grime and dirt from you work space and equipment. They often come with engines powered by gas, electricity, or diesel. An Earth-Friendly option, using Pressure Washer Hoses prevents the use of more toxic chemicals. It also prolongs the life of your existing equipment, surfaces, outdoor areas, patios, vehicles, etc.

You know you have a quality pressure washer hose when it has a consistent jet stream, no cracks or kinks, breaks or leaks. It is important to consider what the application of the hose will be, as that will factor into what size, material, pressure capacity, and attachments you need to succeed. It is recommended that if you estimate in using your pressure washer hose for more than one hundred hours per year, then you will need to consider purchasing the appropriate product for the task.

Most importantly, you should ensure that your Pressure Washer Hose assembly has pressure and flow. The higher the pressure, the deeper the clean and the higher velocity of flow the quicker the dirt will be rinsed from the work space.

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