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Metric Hoses Oxnard and Ventura, CA

We provide a comprehensive selection of Metric Hoses. Some projects can require the use of metric hoses to easily interface and integrate with foreign machinery and tools. Metric hoses, fittings, and assemblies are available for many of our products including Air Hoses, Hydraulic Hoses, Pressure Washer Hoses, Silicon Hoses, Teflon Hoses, Polyurethane Hoses, and More. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we’ll help you source the metric hoses for your project.

We supply over 19,000 individual hoses, fittings, and assemblies used in industries such as Aerospace, Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Mining, Machine Building, Railways, Automotive, Military, and Municipal. Products we supply are used for an immense number of applications and purposes including Fuel, Hydraulics, Gas transfer, Liquid transfer and Fluid conveyance, Filtration, and Drainage. Contact us to discuss your needs or send us your request.

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