Over 19,000 Individual Parts!

Hose Supplier Ventura - Oxnard

Don’s Industrial is a Ventura County based supplier of Industrial Hoses, Couplings, and Adapters with over 19,000 individual parts, products, and hose assemblies available for purchase including Hydraulic Hoses, Metric Hoses, Air Hoses, Pressure Washer Hoses, Hydraulic Oil, Cam Locks, and more. The products we supply are used in industries such as Construction, Chemical Plants, Metal and Mineral Mining, Oil and Gas Exploration, Steel Milling, Trucking and Material Transportation, Healthcare, Aerospace and Aviation, Marine, Fire, Municipal, Pressure Washing, and Agricultural.

Our company is under new ownership with a mission is to provide a comprehensive resource for competitively priced high quality industrial products, hose assemblies, and hose accessories, as well as emergency services for each product. We’ve invested substantially in an effort to make sourcing and purchasing industrial equipment and services convenient and cost effective. We are highly flexible and will make every effort to supply the products you need at the appropriate quality and the best available price.

We’ve been providing industrial hoses in Ventura County for over 35 years. With one of the most convenient locations in Ventura County at the corner of Ventura Avenue and Stanley Ave (Just take the Stanley Ave off ramp on the Ojai 33 freeway), we can easily service Santa Barbara, Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Santa Paula, Ojai, Moorpark, Somis, Filmore and Malibu. Shipping is available if you’re out of the Ventura County area. With our decades of industrial supply experience and your input, we can make your operations easier and more profitable.

If you use Safety Products, Threaded Products, Lay Flat Hose, Hydraulic Oils of various types, Electrical wire, Specialty Valves, Hammer Unions, Rope Soap and Pipe Dope, Nozzles, Snubbers, Conveyer Belts, Tongs, Aluminum Pipe Wrenches, Brass Fittings, or Stainless Couplings, please Contact Us to inquire about stocking the industrial products and assemblies you need.

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